Adverbs - Part 2

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Lesson Notes

This lesson is mostly about new vocabulary. You will learn quite a few new adverbs. There isn't much grammar associated with them.

Here's the list of words that you will practice in this lesson:

  • no one, anyone: никой/никого (1)
  • nowhere, anywhere: никъде (1)
  • apparently: очевидно
  • but: но
  • easily: лесно
  • equally: еднакво
  • especially: особено
  • even: дори, даже
  • everyone: всички
  • everywhere: навсякъде
  • home: вкъщи
  • immediately: незабавно, веднага
  • just (now): току-що, тъкмо (2)
  • mostly: предимно
  • naturally: естествено
  • probably: вероятно
  • quickly: бързо
  • quite: доста
  • rarely: рядко
  • really: наистина
  • recently: наскоро
  • relatively: относително
  • simply, merely: просто
  • slowly: бавно
  • sometimes: понякога
  • soon, shortly: скоро
  • specially: специално
  • still, yet: все още
  • surely: сигурно

You will probably recognize a few adverbs that are formed from the neuter forms of the equivalent adjectives.


1. Those words are used in negations such as :

"Не познавам никого" - I don't know anyone
"Не мога да го намеря никъде" - I can't find it anywhere
"Никой не знае" - No one knows

"никой" is used for the subject (it answers the question "who?"), and "никого" is used for the object (it answers the question "whom?").

"никой" is in fact not an adverb, but a pronoun, and it has a masculine, feminine, neuter and plural form (никой, никоя, никое, нокои).

2. "току-що" and "тъкмо" both mean "just (now)" as in "They just arrived".

"току-що" can only be used for actions that have already happened, whereas "тъкмо" can also be used for actions that are/were about to happen (present or future in the past):

"Tоку-що пристигнаха" - They just arrived
"Тъкмо щяхме да си тръгнем" - We were just going to leave


Exercise 1

понякога, все още, рядко, очевидно, незабавно, веднага, току-що


Exercise 2

бавно, бързо, скоро, лесно, просто, предимно, специално, но, естествено, особено


Exercise 3

сигурно, дори, даже, вероятно, вкъщи, наскоро, относително


Exercise 4

наистина, еднакво, доста, всички, навсякъде, никъде, никого, никой