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Lesson Notes


  • dress: рокля
  • shirt: риза
  • t-shirt: тениска
  • shoes: обувки
  • pants/trousers: панталон
  • sock: чорап
  • belt: колан
  • coat: палто
  • jacket: яке
  • hat: шапка
  • glasses: очила
  • underwear: бельо
  • skirt: пола
  • pullover: пуловер
  • clothes: дрехи
  • suit: костюм

There are no surprises in the grammatical genders of these words.

Like in English, the words for shoes (обувки), glasses (очила) and clothes (дрехи) are usually used in their plural forms, and the word for underwear (бельо) is uncountable.

Unlike English, the word for (one pair of) pants is singular: панталон. The plural панталони can be used informally for one pair of pants, but usually means more.

The word чифт (noun, masculine) can be used to refer to a pair:

"Харесвам панталона ти" - I like your (pair of) pants
"Харесвам очилата ти" - I like your glasses
"Един чифт очила" - One pair of glasses
"Един чифт бельо" - One pair of underwear

To wear

The verb "to wear" is нося, a regular verb of the 2nd conjugation group (-и).

"Не нося дрехи" - I'm not wearing clothes
"Тя носи рокля" - She's wearing a dress

Demonstrative adjectives

In this lesson you will also practice some demonstrative adjectives. You already know това, which is the neuter form of this. There is also a masculine, feminine and plural form.

"Този колан" - This belt (masculine)
"Тази рокля" - This dress (feminine)
"Това яке" - This jacket (neuter)
"Тези обувки" - These shoes (plural)

As you already know, we always use the neuter form when това is used with съм (to be) and without a noun directly attached to it (meaning "this is" or "these are"):

"Какво е това?" - What is this?
"Това е котката ми" - This is my cat
"Това са котките им" - These are their cats


Exercise 1

рокля, тениска, панталон, обувки


Exercise 2

шапка, палто, очила, яке


Exercise 3

пола, риза, колан, пуловер


Exercise 4

дрехи, костюм, чорап, бельо