Can you learn Bulgarian on Duolingo?

Even though many people would like to learn Bulgarian online, and in particular on such a popular platform as Duolingo, they do not currently offer a Bulgarian course.

Duolingo is a great (and free!) resource for language learners. As of 2022, Duolingo offers 38 different language programs for English speakers. Those include very popular foreign languages such as Spanish or French, as well as more exotic options such as Navajo or Swahili. They even have a couple of fictional languages such as Klingon and High Valyrian! With all that, it is really a shame that Bulgarian is not on that list.

Where to learn Bulgarian online?

Since Duolingo does not offer a Bulgarian course, you might be looking for an alternative. You're at the right place! Bulgaro is indeed an online Bulgarian course that is inspired by the Duolingo methodology. If you have used Duolingo to learn another language, you will find the Bulgaro program to be very familiar.

How does Bulgaro compare to Duolingo?

Duolingo and Bulgaro are very similar. In both cases, you progress through a lesson tree by completing interactive exercises. Most of those exercises require you to translate sentences back and forth between English and the target language (in our case, Bulgarian).

Lesson tree

Each lesson comes with lesson notes (grammar explanations) and interactive exercises:

Lesson notes and exercises

If you make a mistake, the program will not only tell you that your answer is wrong, but it will also, whenever possible, give you a proper explanation for your mistake:

Lesson notes and exercises

Another key difference is the audio. Duolingo uses computer-generated speech (« robot voice »), but Bulgaro has audio recordings spoken by native speakers.

Are you ready to learn Bulgarian?

You may not be able to learn Bulgarian on Duolingo, but we have you covered with Bulgaro!

Check out our online Bulgarian course and give the first few exercises a try!

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